Passing. It refers to when a trans person’s perceived gender and gender identity lines up. Usually, this applies to binary trans people because of the gender expectations of what a man and woman should look like.

The idea of passing is a very problematic concept because it assumes that all trans people want to transition to be perceived as the gender they identify as. It essentially translates to saying that only people who transition medically are real trans people. This is definitely is not the case. Whether a person can’t or doesn’t want to transition to transition doesn’t make a trans person any less trans. This is society putting this unrealistic expectation and burden on trans people who should be obligated to fit into the narrow gender expectations society/cis people set forth.

So, the next time you say that you only accept trans people if they pass. I would advise you to think of how that strips the authenticity away from trans people (especially non-binary trans) who can’t ‘pass’ or don’t want to medically transition to ‘pass’.  


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