Changing Names

As a trans and/or non-binary person, changing you name can be a big step in admitting your identity and making it valid to yourself and others. However, it can also be expensive from in the United States: from 150 to 200 dollars, in addition, it can be a long process.

Example of a Petition and Order Form

General Name Changing Information

Name Changing Procedure

  1. “Complete the Petition and Order, and file the original Petition with the Clerk.”
  2. “The case will then be presented to a judge for approval and signature.”
  3. “You may purchase certified copies of the signed order for you records.” — you need these to change your passport, social security, driver’s license and anything else with your old name on it.
  4. “The Court will record your Name Change with the King County Auditory.”



After you change your name, you will also have to notify…

  • creditors
  • insurance companies
  • banks
  • employers
  • school
  • schools you attended
  • doctors
  • social security
  • the IRS
  • etc.

You need a few copies of your name change so that you can send them to the listed groups above.



Note: This is a general outline of what to do in Washington State. Further updates will be made to this to personalize it to the Bellevue area as well as more specific information when this topic is revised. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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