Submitter Application

The easiest way to answer this would be to print this and circle/write in the information or copy paste this into your email and bold/fill in the needed sections. Send the answers to these questions to:

doe.e.mori at

If you already have a piece in mind which you wish to submit or already want to start on a submission, then just state the topic you intended to tackle before submitting, when you intended to submit it and a general brainstorm of what you intend to do. It would be difficult if you had a topic that you worked hard onto submit here but couldn’t because it has content, say porn, which the website cannot display or accept.

  1. What kind of submitter are you? Select all that apply. (link to descriptions)
    1. Topic Writer
    2. Editor
    3. Personal Experience
    4. Artist
    5. Researcher
    6. Other ___________
  2. Are you interested in submitting _______ content. (Select all that apply)
    1. Transgender
    2. Non-binary
    3. Intersex
    4. Gender Non-Conforming
    5. Sexual Orientation Base ________
    6. Romantic Orientation Base _______
    7. Intersectional ________
  3. Are you interested in submitting on a:
    1. Schedule
    2. Only once
    3. Whenever I come up with content
    4. Other ________
  4. List topic(s) you are interested in writing about. There is no such thing as too many or too little.
  5. Would you like to use your:    (You can chose to include whichever name in the email.)
    1. Real name
    2. Legal name
    3. Nickname
    4. Pseudonym (aka. Pen Name or made up name)
    5. Depends on the submission
    6. Other ___________
  6. Would you like to include your contact information for questions? Be warned, we can do our best to prevent bots but hate mail may be a possibility.
    1. Yes
    2. No
  7. How would you like to handle comments? It is unlikely that there will be many but it is a possibility.
    1. Tell me about all of them
    2. Tell me about the praise
    3. Tell me about the criticism
    4. Tell me about criticism and praise.
    5. Do not tell me about the content, just tell me generally about them: positive or negative feed bad. Maybe even paraphrase general criticism.
    6. I don’t care about the comments.
  8. Would you like to meet with a TNBI: S&A member before, during or after submitting your submission?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Haven’t decided
    4. Other___________
  9. How would you like to communicate?
    1. Email
    2. In Person (Bellevue College campus)
    3. Other _________
  10. Are you interested in club activities or simply with submissions?
    1. Just submissions
    2. Both
    3. Other_________
  11. Would you like to work in a group or individually on your submission?
    1. Group
    2. Individually
    3. Other
  12. Do you want to meet with an editor (if one available) after you finish your submission?
    1. Yes, I do want to meet.
    2. No, I would rather have an editor look at it and see the end product so I can make sure it says what I meant to say.
  13. Additional Comments, Questions, Concerns, etc?
  14. Contact Information

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