Ace Terminology


  • Asexual (ace): a sexual orientation which a person experiences no sexual attraction
  • Allosexual/zedsexual: a sexual orientation which a person experiences sexual attraction
  • Demisexual: a sexual orientation in which a person only experiences sexual attraction after a strong emotional bond is made
    • Ex. poly-demisexual, homo-demisexual, etc.
  • Gray-asexual (gray-a/grace/gray ace): a sexual orientation which a person normally doesn’t experience sexual attraction but may experiences it (rarely)
  • cupiosexual: someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction but desires a sexual relationship
  • Aceflux(aroflux): someone who has a fluctuating sexual orientation (romantic attraction) but always stays within the ace spectrum of sexualities (romantic attractions)
  • libido: sex drive, different from sexual attraction
  • sex/romance indifferent: when you have no strong opinions on sex or romance
    • not pursuing sex or romance but not averse to it either
  • sex/romance repulsed: when you don’t want to engage in sexual or romantic acts
  • sex/romance averse: (same as sex/romance repulsed)
  • sex favorable: an asexual person who enjoys sex or participates in sexual acts for other reasons
  • romance favorable: when you view romance in a favorable or positive light
    • ex. could participate in romantic relationship or acts for sake of partner
  • Libidoist asexual: an asexual person with an active sex drive
    • Asexuality is based on sexual attraction, not sex drive
  • Non-libidoist asexual: an asexual person who does not have an active sex drive
  • Sex-ambivalent: describes a person’s mixed feelings about sex or things related to it
  • Sex-averse: describes a person’s distaste for sex or things related to it
  • Sex-neutral: describes a person’s neither positive nor negative feelings towards sex
  • Sex positive: a philosophy in which all consensual sexual activities are seen as fundamentally healthy, pleasurable, encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation
  • Sex repulsed: describes a person’s extreme distaste or disgust of sex or things related to it



Note: asexual is not only an identity but an umbrella term and spectrum for people who aren’t strictly allosexual (ex. Demi-, litho-, cupio-, etc.).

  • Acephobia/asexophobia/asexualphobia: fear, dislike and/or hatred of asexuals and/or asexuality
  • Allosexism: institutional discrimination against asexuals and those on the asexual spectrum while appealing to the norms of allosexuals (those who have sexual attraction) and values intimate sexual relationships over those that don’t include sex
  • Compulsory allosexuality: the idea that allosexuality (having sexual attraction) is expected and enforced in our society; therefore, allosexuality is viewed as natural and an obligation
  • Allosexual privilege: set of advantages that individuals who are allosexual (who experience sexual attraction) receive solely because of their allosexuality
    • Ex. assumed to be sexual, no need to explain allosexual status, sexuality will be discussed/represented in sex education classes (Everyday Feminism)





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