Aro Terminology


  • Aromantic (aro): a romantic orientation which a person experiences no romantic attraction
  • Alloromantic: a romantic orientation which a person experiences romantic attraction
  • Androgynoromantic: a romantic attraction to androgyny and gender isn’t a factor
  • Monoromantic: romantic attraction to only 1 gender
  • Heteromantic: romantic attraction to only those of the “opposite sex”
    • Usually used to describe men who are attracted to women and women who are attracted to men
  • Homoromantic: romantic attraction to those of the same gender
  • Gyneromantic: a person (often genderqueer and/or non-binary identifying) whose romantically attracted to woman and/or femininity
  • Androromantic: a person (often genderqueer and/or non-binary identifying) whose romantically attracted to men and/or masculinity
  • Skolioromantic: a person whose romantically attracted to people who are non-binary/genderqueer or those who don’t identify as cisgender
  • Biromantic: romantic attraction to 2 genders
  • Polyromantic: romantic attraction to more than 2 genders
  • Panromantic: romantic attraction to all genders
  • Demiromantic: a romantic orientation in which a person only develops romantic feelings after forming a strong emotional bond
    • bi-demiromantic, andro-demiromantic, etc.
  • Gray-romantic: a romantic orientation in which a person does not normally experience romantic attraction, but experiences it sometimes does, rarely
    • Ex. gray-biromantic, gray-homoromantic, etc.
  • Lithromantic: a romantic orientation in which a person experiences romantic attraction but does not need or want it reciprocated
    • Sometimes the romantic attraction may disappear once romantic attraction is reciprocated by that special someone (aka. Akoisexual)
  • Quasisexual: relationships that involve sex and one of the people is asexual
  • Zucchinis: slang for QPR or queer platonic partner
  • Squishes: you want to have a very strong friendship or platonic relationship; essentially an aromantic crush
  • “no romo”: (based off of “no homo”) except it means no romantic attractions, usually referring to an individual in casual conversation
  • QPR (queer platonic partner): a relationship that isn’t romantic but involves an intense emotional connection which is more than the average friendship
    • Can apply to any queer platonic relationship regardless of orientation or the genders of the people in the relationship.
    • Sometimes the acronym is also used for Quasiplatonic Partners


Discrimination Terminology:

Note: asexual is not only an identity but an umbrella term and spectrum for people who aren’t strictly allosexual (ex. Demi-, litho-, cupio-, etc.).

  • Acrophobia: fear, dislike, and/or hatred of aromantics and/or aromanticism
  • Alloromanticisim: institutional discrimination against aromantic and those on the aromantic spectrum people and appeals to norms of alloromantics (those who having romantic attraction) and values intimate romantic relationships over intimate platonic relationships
  • Compulsory alloromanticism: the idea that alloromanticism (having romantic attraction) is expected and enforced in our society; therefore, alloromanticism is viewed as natural and an obligation
  • Alloromantic privilege: set of advantages that individuals who are alloromantic (who experience romantic attraction) receive solely because of their alloromanticism
  • Amatonormativity: social force which treats romantic relationships as superior and/or more necessary than platonic and non-romantic relationships
    • Oppresses aromantics, hurts others too
  • Aro Erasure: the tendency to ignore, falsify, or reexplain evidence about aromantics whether in a historical, academic, news media or other context





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