The TNBI: Support and & Activism club is built on the idea of supporting the TNBI community in small groups while also reaching out into the community to participate in activism. Activism can come in many forms from protesting discriminatory legislation, picketing for a change in policy but it can also be education. A lack of education is the one of the main reasons of why many discriminated against particular groups, sometimes even unknowingly.

As a result, this club puts a high value on educating the Bellevue College campus on not only TNBI issues but also LGBTQIA issues because of how interconnected they are.

For example, if you are non-binary then you exist in this strange area between orientations. If you transition from a man to a woman, then questions arise about what orientation you are and if you “changed.” In addition, many in the TNBI have identities in other parts of the LGBTQIA community so to focus solely on TNBI without a minor in addressing LGBTQIA issues would be a tragedy. Whether that comes in the form of collaborating with the LGBTQ center to bring in speakers, creating panels, etc. or promoting an additional class on the subject, the club will be there.






Basic List of Educational Video Resources:

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