About Us


Founded: Winter 2016-Fall 2016, Inactive

Website’s Purpose: To provide resources and support to the TNBI community as well as intersectional identities; as a second objective, to educate current and potential allies.

Plan for the Future:

The club will have created an atmosphere on campus that makes all students (including transgender, non-binary and intersex) feel comfortable and safe in their own skin as well as the freedom to explore their gender identity and expression. In this atmosphere, all can share their pronouns and chosen name without the threat of chastisement that it doesn’t align with their legal name. In addition, the club will have satisfied the need for transgender, non-binary and intersex to have a support system. It will also address the intersectionality between institutional discrimination- on and off campus- such as ableism, classism, racism, heterosexism, xenophobia and many more.



To fulfill the objects of both a support system and reshaping of the current college atmosphere through activism, the club will split into 2 bodies. The first will be support. It will mainly include transgender, non-binary, intersex  and gender non-conforming who can receive support from their peers in a casual social setting. The second part will be activism: this will be open to allies and all those in the queer community.

Goals for Support

  1. To provide the resources to transgender, non-binary, intersex and intersectional identities.
  2. To allow a space for non-traditional identities to vent and tackle life one day at a time. 

Possible Goals for Activism

  • Addition of Inclusive Signs
  • Multi-stall All Gender Restrooms
  • Gender Specific Courses
  • History of Specific Umbrella Romantic and Sexual Orientation Courses
  • Inclusion of Romantic Orientations, Asexuality, and Fill in the Blank Options on Quarterly Survey
  • Gender Education Courses for Staff Members
  • Documentation includes:
    • Correct Name
    • Pronouns/Titles (ex. Ms, Mr, Mx)
    • Correct Gender Marker




Core Members

Doe (Pronouns: Ze/hir/hirs/hirself)

I’m a ace/aro, non-binary (mavrique) identifying trans person who has auditory processing disorder, is generally introverted and is working on improving their large group interactions. I love animation and anime. I plan to major in Creative Writing and possibly minor in Sociology and Philosophy. I love animation, anime, anything movie related and researching LGBTQIA or intersectionally related topics to the community.


An agender nerd who subsists on tea and sarcasm, and is majoring in computer science.

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