Queer Studies Book List

Croix Saffin from Bellevue College gave me permission to post his list. This covers intersectional issues in race as well as LGBTQIA educational books in general.

This is copied word for word and I have only read a few of these books so if you have any questions, as of the day that this is posted, I can only answer a select number of questions. But I did read a large amount of Becoming Visible by McGarry and Wasserman which has loads of educational information that mostly consists of history (from what I have read). Enjoy the list 😉


Queer Studies Book List

Asian Americans

Restoried Selves – Kevin Kumashiro

Q&A – David Eng

Asian American Sexualities – Russel Leong

Global Divas – Martin Manalansan

Embodying Asian AMerican Sexualities – Gina




Look Both Ways- Jennifer Baumgardner

Bi Any Other Name – Loraine Hutchins

Getting Bi- Robyn Ochs

Landing- Emma Donoghue

Invisible Life – E. Lynn Harris


Black/African Americans

Giovanni’s Room – James Baldwin

Zami – Audre Lorde

Ceremonies – Essex Hemphill

Brother to Brother – Essex Hemphill

In the Life – Joseph Beam

Voices Rising – G. Winston James

Black Like Us – Devon Carabo

The Gilda Stories – Jewelle Gomez

B-Boys Blues – James Earl Hardy

Po Man’s Child – Marci Blackman

Whose Song? – Thomas Glave

Visitation of Spirits – Randall Kenan

One More River to Cross – Keith Boykin

Freedom in this VIllage – Issac Jackson

Aberrations in Black – Roderick Ferguson

Black Queer Studies – E. Patrick Johnson

Sweet Tea – E. Patrick Johnson

Directed by Desire – June Jordan

Afrekete – Catherine McKinley

Vanishing Rooms – Melvin Dixon

The Other Side of Paradise – StacyAnn Chin


Chicana/o, Latina/o

Making Face, Making Soul – Gloria Anzaldua

Loving in the War Years – Cherrie Moraga

For the Hard Ones – Tatiana de la Tierra

Gulf Dreams – Emma Perez

We Came all the WAy from Cuba – Achy Obejas

Chicana Lesbians – Carla Trujillo

Sor Juana’s SEcond Dream – Alicia Gaspar de Alba

Disidentifications – Jose Munoz

Queer Latinadad – Juana Rodriguez

Latina/o Sexualities – Marysol Asencio

Machos, Maricones, and Gays – Ian Lumsden

Dog Eaters – Jessica Hagedorn

Before Night Falls – Reinaldo Arenas


“Classics” in LGBT Studies (which usually ascribe a white, middle-class subject)

Stone Butch Blues – Leslie Feinberg

Rubyfruit Jungle – Rita Mae Brown

Giovanni’s Room – James Baldwin

Empathy – Sara Schulman

The Price of Salt – Clare Morgan

The Well of Loneliness – Radclyffe Hall

Zami – Audre Lorde

Beebo Brinker – Ann Bannon

Odd Girl Out – Ann Bannon

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers – Lillian Faderman

Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold – Elizabeth Kennedy

Gay New York – George Chauncey

Coming Out Under Fire – Allan Berube

City of Night – John Rechy

Desert of the Heart – Jane Rule


Coming of Age

Girl Walking Backwards – Bett Williams

Boy Meets Boy – David Levithan

So Hard to Say – Nancy Garden

Luna – Julie Anne Peters

Rainbow Boys, Rainbow Road, Rainbow High – Alex Sanchez

Cool For You – Eileen Myles

Deliver us from Evie – M. E. Kerr


Gay Male

Lost Language of Cranes – David Leavitt

Times Square Red, Times Square Blue – Samual Delany

Dancer From the Dance – Andrew Holleran

The Year of Ice – Brian Mallory

At Swim – Jamie O’Neill

The Vast Field of Ordinary – Nick Burd

CLicking Beat of the Brink of Nada – Keith Hale



Becoming Visible – McGarry and Wasserman

Hidden from History – Duberman

Gay Seattle – Gary Atkins

Gay Voices of the Harlem Renaissance – Christa Schwartz

The Queer Community – Richard Johnson

Out of the Past – Neil Miller

Making Gay History – Eric Marcus


Indian/South Asian

Gay Bombay – Parmesh Shahani

Cereus Blooms at Night – Shani Mootoo

Impossible Desires – Gayatri Gopinath

Funny Boy – Shyam Selvadurai



Oranges are Not the Only Fruit – Jeannette Winterson

Tipping the Velvet – Sarah Waters

Fingersmith – Sarah WAters

Pages for You – Sylvia Brownrigg

Crybaby Butch – Judith Frank

Crybaby Butch – Judith Frank

Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties – Felcia Luna


Hood – Emma Donoghue

Curious Wine – Katherine Forrest

A Seahorse Year – Stacy D’Erasmo


Native American

Sexuality, Nationality, and Indigeneity – Daniel Justice

Becoming Two-Spirit – Joseph Gilly

Spirit and the Flesh – Walter Williams

Changing Ones – Will Roscoe

The Business of Fancy Dancing – Film by Sherman Alexie



M. Butterfly

Angels in America


Queer Theory

History of Sexuality – Michel Foucault

The Trouble with Normal – Michael Warner

Gender Trouble – Judith Butler

Epistemology of the Closet – Eve Sedgwixk

In a Queer Time and Place – Judith Halberstam

Fear of a Queer Planet – Michael Warner

Female Masculinity – Judith Halberstam

Margaret Mead Made My Gay – Esther Newton



Transgender History – Susan Stryker

Transgender Voices – Lori Girshick

The Testosterone Files – Max Valerio

Transgender Warriors – Leslie Feinberg

Transparent – Cris Beam

The Transgender Studies Reader – Susan Stryker

Transmen and FTMs – Jason Cromwell

Becoming a Visible Man- Jamison Green

She’s Not There – Jennifer Boylan

Parrotfish – Ellen Wittlinger

Trans Liberation – Leslie Feinberg

Drag King Dreams – Leslie Feinberg

Gender Outlaw – Kate Bronstein

The IHOP Papers – Ali Liebegott

The Illusionist – Dinita Smith

Like Son – Felicia Luna Lemus


White Working Class

Rat Bohemia – Sarah Schulman

Girls, Visions, and Everything – Sarah Schulman

People in Trouble – Sarah Schulman

After Dolores – Sarah Schulman

The Sophie Horowitz STory – Sarah schulman

My Dangerous Desires – Amber Hollibaugh

Bastard Out of Carolina – Dorothy Allison

Trash – Dorothy Allison

Valencia – Michelle Tea

Everything I have is Blue – Wendell Ricketts

Queerly Classed –  Susan Raffo

Without a Net – Michelle Tea

Working Class Lesbian Life – Yvette Taylor

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