Do you find that your disability, anxiety, lack of social skills, lack of English, general awkwardness, etc. prevents you from being apart of/participating in the club or meetings? Do you feel that you can’t access the website because of formatting because of the afor mentioned reasons or something else entirely?

I do my best to predict all the ways that I can make the group more accessible to all Bellevue College students and internet onlookers but I cannot predict everything. I know this can be the hardest thing ever to ask for help but as I said before, I can’t predict everything. I need input from you peeps individually as well as a group in how I can help each of you get involved if you want to. Whether that may be helping organize events at club meetings or doing individual research on a particular topic, there is always something you can do for the activism portion.

As for the support portion, that is where more of the telling me how I can help you individually especially comes into play.


I hope this helps for anyone who is feeling that they want to participate as a Bellevue College Student but is feeling left out because of the personal circumstances at play.

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