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Before you submit questions using the form at the bottom of the page, please read through the following FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it called Japan Week if the event is only Saturday?
A. Japan Week at BC is a week-long event culminating in an all-day Saturday festival. There will be some Japan Week events each day during the week on BC’s campus targeted at BC students, faculty and staff. But the weekday events are limited in scope and duration since they cannot interfere with classes / students studying during the day. e.g. no Taiko drumming performances outdoors that could disturb classroom lectures. Saturday will be a larger, all-day event open to the public with many more participants and a broader audience – not just BC students.

Q. Can I use Wi-Fi during the JAPAN WEEK event?
A. Yes, all visitors and participants will have free Wi-Fi access on campus. No password is required.

Q. Will there be activities for children and families or is Japan Week only for BC students?
A. Japan Week is for everyone – especially Saturday. We plan to have many of the popular family-friendly activities of past Aki Matsuri festivals during Japan Week at BC. Games, puppet shows, pictures with wandering mascots (Tora-chan), etc.

Q. What about food? Will Japanese food items be sold on campus during Japan Week?
A. Yes, BC’s cafeteria is working on providing several special Japanese items during the entire week – including all day Saturday. Some of these will be similar to offerings from past Aki Matsuris and some may be new / different. We will be serving the ever-popular Curry Rice, Yakisoba, and Yakitori by popular demand among other food items. Cafeteria food sales will be direct – using BC cafeteria’s cashiers and check-out lines. (No food tickets needed – as in past Aki Matsuris)

Q. How can I volunteer? (We will start to recruite from May 2020. Thanks for checking!)
A. Please click on “Get Involved” on our homepage and select “As a Volunteer” from the pull-down menu to register. You must be 15 years old or older in order to volunteer. Minors need approval from a parent or a guardian.

Q. Can I get a Volunteer Certificate to earn high school credits?
A. Yes. After you’ve completed your volunteer shift, see the Volunteer Coordinator in the L-bldg lobby where you signed in before your shift started. If your high school has a form, please fill it out before you obtain the Volunteer Coordinator’s signature.

Q. Will most vendors set up in the BC gymnasium like past Aki Matsuri festivals?
A. No. Japan Week takes place during the academic quarter at BC so the gym is being used for school athletic activities at that time. (past Aki Matsuris always occurred before the start of the Fall academic quarter.) But Japan Week exhibitors and displays will use space we’ve reserved in other campus buildings.

Q. Can exhibitors sell goods/services during the Japan Week event?
A. No. As a school-sponsored event, for-profit vendors/private businesses are not allowed to make sales on campus. (no cash, no checks, no credit card swiping, etc.). However, while no money can change hands during the event, exhibitors are free to display their Japan-related work/items created by an exhibitor or by their organization at the assigned booth.

Q. How can I support Japan Week?
A. Here is how you can support Japan Week:-
1) Please come and visit this free BC cultural event in October.
2) Bellevue College Foundation is soliciting donations for Japan Week. Click on the link and select “Japan Week” under the designation pull-down menu. 
You may also text your donation amount with #JW to (269) 804-6160. For example, “$50 #JW”.
(BC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are tax deductible.)
2) You can purchase the Japan Week T-shirts, items at the Flea Market sold by the Japanese Culture Exchange Club members and its volunteers during the event and a few weeks prior to the event.
3) You can sign up to volunteer at the event. Please click on “Get Involved” on our homepage and select “As a Volunteer” from the pull-down menu to register. (We will start recruiting for volunteers in May)

Q. Is “Japan Week” the same as “Japan Fair?”
A. No. Japan Week is a new, Bellevue College-sponsored and operated event. It is independent of “Japan Fair” and both events are independent of ENMA (a 501[c][3] non-profit organization). Many of the same people that have worked to make ENMA’s Aki Matsuri so successful over the years are now also supporting Japan Week and other Japan-related events in the greater Seattle area.

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