$850.00 — Private room, kitchenette, and bathroom for rent (rent reduction in exchange for dog sitting)


We have a bedroom with private entrance, bathroom, and kitchenette in the daylight basement area of our home, 3 miles from Bellevue College. The bedroom looks out onto a green space and small stream, and the renter would have use of a patio, hot tub, and grill area. We are on the B bus line. All utilities, parking, wifi, included.

Here’s the deal: We are recent empty-nesters and have lots of space in our home. We have a friendly, old, blind dog who gets anxious when left alone, and he can’t go off to the dog sitters anymore. We would like to be able to leave for a weekend or longer now and then, so we are looking for somebody who would like to trade occasional dog care for a reduction in rent. You would have to like dogs, as ours would come and find you if you are home and we are not, even for an hour or two, at which point he will pace, sigh heavily, and go to sleep.


Joan Griswold

Phone: (425) 241-3081
Date Submitted: 11/16/2019