$1898 — Last chance: 6th floor apartment in downtown Bellevue(0 deposit,fee+$700 credit)


1 Bed X 1 Bath 6th floor apartment in downtown Bellevue with great views of the surrounding towers. Apartment rent is $1898 per month + $125 for parking (total $2023 per month). Apartment has roof access and valet trash service 5 days a week. I am current renter and would vacate on or before 09/27/2019 as I am moving out of state for a new job. The lease period is till 06/30/2020. I am looking to transfer the lease to interested parties. You would save on deposit ($250) and non-refundable admin fees ($250) which is fully paid. Also rent/utilities is fully paid till 09/30/2019. If you are interested in lease transfer, I am ready to give $700 cash towards your moving expenses and cleaning.

Attaching pictures of the apartment. Contact me at 650 422 9662 if you are interested.


Koushik Das

Phone: (650) 422-9662
Date Submitted: 09/21/2019