$5 — Textbooks for INTER 115 Bite Me & Sustainability


These are trade paperbacks and magazines used in the Interdisciplinary class INTER 115. Since they’re not textbooks, they are not subject to the edition update syndrome. The class will be offered Fall 2019.
– The Better World Shopping Guide #5 (ISBN: 0-86571-790-7)
– Dwellings (ISBN: 0-393-32247-5)
– Value of Nothing (ISBN: 0-312-42924-X)
– This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate (ISBN: 1-4516-9739-2)
– Four issues of Yes! magazine: No 79, 80, 81, 82.

The magazines are out of print, and I had a hard time finding them. If you are planning to take this course, I really just want someone to get some use out of the set.


Caitilin Walsh

Phone: (425) 869-2058
Date Submitted: 04/27/2019