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Meet your ASG 2018

Yasmin Hassan, ASG President

I enrolled at Bellevue College as a running start student, after graduating high school June of 2018 and continued Bellevue college to pursue my transfer degree in the hopes of transferring to University of Washington to acquire my degree in education. Last year I truly got involved in Bellevue college and become a part of a community that I wasn’t apart of before. Becoming the Vice-President of Arabic Culture Student Association and members of Black student Union, African Student Association, and Muslim Student Association it really opened me up in what it means to be a leader and a follower. I bring my experiences to serve you as your president, as your president I am responsible to listen to your ideas, concerns, to serve and represent you. What I hope to accomplish within this year is bring forward the ideas and concerns of the un represented students and become the voice for them. I believe the most pressing problems Bellevue College students are facing is that they are not being heard and feel like they are excluded. I want Bellevue College to be a place where everybody feels included and united. I glade to serve, represent you as your student body president.

Nathan Levin, ASG President

Hey! I am the ASG Vice President here to represent the students and their voices throughout the campus. I am currently working on my Business Transfer Degree with high hopes on becoming accepted to UW’s Fosters School of Business. I have been on campus for about 4 years including two years in the Running Start Program where I tried to pursue.

Audi L. Brown, ASG Events Representative

It is an honor to serve as the Events Representative for the Association of Student Government at Bellevue College. My vision for ASG is simple; It is my goal to make your time at Bellevue College, some of the most memorable times of your life. With hopes that one day you will say, “Those good old college days.” With the help of ASG and your voice, we will make Bellevue College THE college in the state of Washington State. ASG is here to be the voice of the student body; therefore we ask that all of the students participate in some way this academic year. We would like for every student to play a part in ASG and Bellevue College.

Ian Chen, ASG Secretary

I’m I-An Chen, ASG secretary, this is my second year in Bellevue College and it’s my pleasure to work with everyone.

Beverly Ackah, ASG Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative

My name is Beverly Ackah. I was born in France and moved to the USA as an international student to study computer sciences at Bellevue College.
I have served as a student mentor for the OIE (Office of International Students) as well as for Peer-to-Peer and as a Lead coordinator for Pals Center.
I will be the ASG Emerging Technology & Entrepreneurial representative this upcoming school year.

Marijke Thomas, ASG Public Relations Representative

Hello, my name is Marijke, but all my friends call me by my nickname “Mai” (pronounced My) I have been a student at Bellevue College since 2015 and will graduate spring quarter 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing. While attending Bellevue College, I have held various marketing positions acquiring strong leadership and interpersonal skills, including coaching, motivating, and relationship building. I also competed and won state championship for Bellevue DECA two years in a row. In 2018, I placed 3rd at DECA’s National Championship Conference. Winning at Nationals is a key attribute of my dedication and commitment in sustaining academic excellence representing Bellevue College. I am excited and thrilled to be your Public Relations Representative for ASG Bellevue College. My objective during my tenure is to make your college experience memorable and hear your voice. To empower and excite students through effective communication strategies and tactics that can bring issues to life and build a better future. Connect with us on ASG Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. #ASGempoweringallvoices, #BCASG181

ASG Meeting Minutes

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