ASG Officers

Amber Castaneda

President and Interim VP of Finance and Communications


“I enrolled at bc as a computer science major, after traveling nationally and internationally for 2 years. my travels opened my eyes to the understanding of other cultures and the social issues plaguing our world. it is no surprise i soon added a concentration in sociology. i bring this world prospective together with my experience as an executive assistant to serve you as your vp of finance and communication. As your VP I am responsible for the budget management and strategic planning for ASG. To accomplish this, I help student programs and clubs get funding for various successful student run and attended activities, while ensuring our ASG remains fiscally responsible. I am also responsible for maintaining open, honest and transparent communications within the ASG and with all external partners – from student programs to administration to you, the students. Therefore, above all else, I am here to serve you.”


Joedy Morrow

Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative and Interim VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism


“I am currently pursuing an Associates in the Arts and Sciences degree with a Sustainability Concentration. My goal as the Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative is to fairly representative and advocate for the students of Bellevue College. I believe that moving towards a more sustainable and social conscious campus would be rewarding for the Bellevue College community in many ways. During my time with the Associated Student Government, I aim to align my work with Bellevue College’s vision, core values, and mission statement.”

Xiaolin Huang (Sylvia)

Campus Life and Event Representative


“I am an international student from China, and I will serve the BC community with ASG for the following year. My expectation for this coming year will be getting more students involved on campus and bringing up more fun events. Please drop by the student program anytime you want and let us know how can we better support you.:)

Sean Stuart

External Legislative Affairs Representative


“I love to backpack, travel, take pictures, and binge-watch C-SPAN. My purpose is to serve my peers and improve and/or reform the systems that affect our lives. I hope my work at Bellevue College will be the start of a lifelong career in public service.”

Erika Lamothe

Marketing and Public Relations Representative


“I am an artist, photographer, aspiring model, and casual gamer nerd. I am currently studying Digital Marketing and was in DECA for the previous two years in a row. Feel free to visit my desk or approach me on campus!”