2022-2023 ASG Elections

Apply for an elected or appointed position in the Associated Student Government for 2022-2023!

The Associated Student Government (ASG) Board of Directors is comprised of nine officers: the ASG President and Vice President are elected and the other seven officers are selected through an appointment process managed by the current ASG. Each position has specific responsibilities outlined in the ASG By-Laws. 

The ASG Board of Directors manages the Services and Activities (S&A fee) process; and works with campus partners in Sustainability and IT on oversight of the Student Environmental Sustainability Fee (SESF), and the Student Technology Fee (STF). The ASG Board provides recognition and funding for student organizations, and serves as a forum for student issues and concerns.

Members of the ASG Board of Directors also have individual projects and serve on campus-wide committees. The purpose of the Associated Student Government of Bellevue College Board of Directors is to act as the voice for students at Bellevue College and ensure student participation in college issues, while being committed to building an inclusive campus community.

Please visit the following link to access the 2022-2023 ASG ELECTIONS PACKET.