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March 2019
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12:30 PM: Share the Love Tour 2019

12:30 PM: Share the Love Tour 2019
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ASG Funding Request

After turning in a project plan, fill out the ASG Funding Request below to go with your project plan once you are ready to request funds from your Associated Student Government.

Please read the terms and requirements and fill out this form as accurately as possible

  • This Funding Request form must be completed by a Bellevue College student who is a member of the club/program requesting funding from the Associated Student Government (ASG).
  • A funding request is only considered “Received” when you recieve a confirmation email upon the completion of this form.
  • Before completing this Funding Request, you must submit a completed Project Plan for your event/project. If you have not yet completed a Project Plan, visit the Student Programs website and complete one online.
  • A completed and submitted funding request may be presented as soon as the next Student Council meeting that falls more than 48 hours after ASG has recieved the request (Submit your funding request 2 days before the next Student Council meeting)
  • All clubs and programs are required to report back about the events that were funded by the ASG during the BOD/Student Council meeting immediately following the event or risk being denied any future funding. You may provide pictures, video/audio records, receipts and/or bring witnesses or advisors.
  • We encourage all club members and advisor to attend the presentation for the funding request.
  • Any publicity or marketing material (posters, online, etc) that have been sponsored by the ASG must have an ASG logo on it. You can download the ASG logo or the Campus Activity Board (C212) can provide a digital copy for you.


The ASG DOES NOT fund:

  • Direct religious worships, exercise or instruction, or the promotion of non-secular beliefs
  • Any club that is in violation of the ASG By-laws
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