Welcome back for Spring Quarter 17!


La Frontière is planning on continuing its club into the spring quarter! Last quarter was definitely a learning experience and from that La Frontière wants to grow and adapt in order to accommodate its members. We are thinking of new ideas and activities in order to make French more habitual and practical. Please, if you or a friend are interested in seeing our club come by and experience it first hand.

Times have yet to be set but a post will be created with the time and location.

Thank you!

J’aime la neige!

La Frontière definitely enjoyed its extra days off! Hopefully everyone got to go outside and enjoy la neige. It was fun to play in, not so fun to shovel. La neige has definitely not been this strong in a while! School is bound to be open tomorrow so La Frontière wishes everyone to travel safely and keep their safety as top priority.

Also, there will be a meeting tomorrow in room C211 from 8:30-9:20am! La Frontière looks forwarding to seeing vous!


Words and Connotation

poem week 3 2

After discussion and help from our native friends we were able to dissect and better understand the meaning of Jacques Prevert’s poem Le Cancre. It truly is beautiful. Though poems may not be direct or completely clear the way the author writes and the word choice exposes the connotation of the words chosen. To understand the connotation of words gives us all an insight of culture.

What do you think of the poem?