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ASG Debate April 17th 2014

These are the times each position will be on stage (may change and if so I will email you all):   ASG Debate schedule: 11:35-11:45: President Candidates 11:45-11:55: Constitution Change- Vice President of External Legislative Affairs 11:55-12:05: Vice President of Finance and Communications 12:05-12:15: Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism 12:15-12:25: Chief Justice 12:25-12:35: […]

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2014-2015 Application Extension update!

Hello, To whom it may concern, the following applications have been re-extended for submission to March 28th by 5:00pm: Supreme Justice of External Affairs, Supreme Justice of Internal Affairs, and Environment, Social Responsibility Representative and Marketing and Public Relations Representative. If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to contact ASG Chief Justice Komal Sahota: […]

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2014-2015 ASG Elections!!!

If you’re looking for ways to get involved at Bellevue College, COME APPLY FOR ASG! The associated student government is one of the best ways to get involved, learn, and grow as a student leader.     At Bellevue College we believe that students are the center of everything we do. This is a great […]

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Meet Your ASG Officers 2013-2014

Executive Board Zawdie Terry » President Andrea Torres » Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism Leslie Mayo » Vice President of Finance and Communication Judicial Board Komalpreet Sahota » Chief Justice Kazuki Yonebayashi » Associate Justice of Internal Affairs Natasha Wijoyo » Associate Justice of External Affairs Representatives Chanmi Choi » Emerging Technology and […]

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2013-2014 ASG Election Results

Picture 8

ASG President   • Cameron Jones: 258 votes • Zawdie Stephens-Terry: 535 votes • Abstain to vote for any candidate: 92 votes     ASG Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism   • Andrea Torres: 448 votes • Kevin Wu: 386 votes • Abstain to vote for any candidate: 60 votes     ASG Vice […]

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ASG Elections 2014-2015 VOTING LINK

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ASG Election Applications 2014-2015


Here are all the applications for 2013 ASG Elections!!! – Click on the links below to download the applications. P.S. All applications are due March 21st by 5:00 pm in Student Programs (C212) at the very latest ASG-Vice-President-of-Student-Affairs-and-Pluralism-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Chief-Justice-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Secretary-of-Campus-Life-and-Events-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Vice-President-of-Finance-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Secretary-of-Environment-and-Social-Responsibility-Application-2014-2015 ASG-President-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Supreme-Justice-of-External-Affairs-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Secretary-of-Emerging-Technology-and-Entrepreneurship-Application-2014-2015 ASG VP of External Legislative Affairs1 ASG-Vice-President-of-Student-Affairs-and-Pluralism-Application-2014-2015 ASG-Marketing-and-Public-Relations-Representative-Application-2014-2015

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ASG 2013-2014 Election Timeline


“IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!” The annual ASG Election is coming up, and here is the anticipated schedule: March 1st, 2013 – Registration Opens: Applications available in C212 April 4th, 2013 – Registration Closes: Turn in applications to C212 by 5:00 pm April 10, 2013 – Candidate Speeches: At 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in […]

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Election results 2012 – 2013

ASG President Ish Sigh Momi : 453 votes Takhmina Dzhuraeva : 494 votes   ASG VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism (Tweedy) Thuy Ngoc Pham : 309 votes Michael Yoon : 714 votes   ASG VP of Finance and Communication Dustin Boehlike : 651 votes   ASG Campus Life and Events Representative Katurah Anderson : […]

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Election Candidates 2012-2013

President   1. Takhmina Dzhuraeva My name is Takhmina Dzhuraeva and I am running to be your Bellevue College Student Body President. I am an international student from Tajikistan pursuing a degree in Interior Design. I believe the time has come for Bellevue College to have a female ASG President and the first international student […]

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