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Alex Clark

Secretary of Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative,


Hello Bellevue College! My name is Alexander Clark, and I am running for the ASG Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative 2013-2014. I am studying Botany here at Bellevue College. I have devoted the last year to working with our Office of Sustainability as the Communications Coordinator and have numerous achievements under my belt. I expanded the student garden where it increased from 3 beds to 9 beds; developed and got funding for an intern who has subsequently created the Sustainable Food Advisory Action Group (SFAAG) advocated for student rights in Washington DC with the Office of Student Legislative Affairs; and have worked to integrate sustainability into classroom curriculum. I have a record of successful projects and have shown my devotion to the student body and this campus. I am very excited for an opportunity to run and hope you give me the chance to represent you.



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