ASG Officers

We, the ASG, serve and represent the student body in order to celebrate our diversity, enhance student involvement, create positive changes, and improve student learning within an engaging academic environment.


 Gebe Pic-min

ASG President

Gebriel Amare


Phone: (425)564-2295

Major:Management Information Systems (MIS) & International Business (IB)


Goals: Expand the network of ASG and being the loudest voice for the students at Bellevue College.

 Frank Pic (1)

ASG VP of Finance and Communication

Frank Mueller


Phone: (425)564-2269

Major: Business – Finance Focus

Goals: To improve student engagement in student programs and to help find everyone a fun and productive group on campus. To be an A student!


ASG VP of Pluralism and Student Affaris

Sasha Lee


Phone: (425)564-2332

Intended Major: Law, Societies, and Justice

Goals for the year: Promote pluralism and social justice initiatives.

 Paul pic-min

ASG VP of Legislative Affairs

Paul Bell


Phone: (425)564-6048

Judicial Board


ASG Chief Justice

 Trygve Vandal


Phone: (425)564-2339

Major: Marketing Management & Data Analytics  

Goal: To build lasting relationships between students and various departments & services that coexist on this campus. In order to achieve this goal I strive for is ensuring transparency across the board for all parties so that we may participate in active dialogue with the knowledge necessary to cultivate a diverse flourishing college built on awareness & understanding.


 mecaele pic-min

ASG Justice of Internal Affair

Mecaele Alemayehu


Phone: (425)564-2143

 Joel Pic-min

Justice of External Affairs

Joel Allen


Phone: (425)564-2142

Intended Major: Communication Studies

ASG Goal: Break down barriers of misunderstanding and represent the interest of the students who take an interest in their future and developing person. Charter a record number of clubs while assisting them in information gathering in order to better the college and the community. Create awareness of the opportunity and resources this college has to offer each student. Expose the flaws of and create solutions to the system we are in. All while growing each day and staying true to myself.


  Henry pic (1)

ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative

Henry LeVallee


Phone: (425)564-5089

Major: Communications

Goal: Encourage leadership in sustainable projects on campus

 11174984_365741476965798_9881556530703007_n (1)

ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative

Terrence Chan


Phone: (425)564-2141

Major: Business Information Systems

Goal: My goal is to maintain ASG’s reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image.


                    ASG Campus Life and Events Representative

                                                                                Valeriia Borodina
                                                                     Phone: (425)564-2490
                                                                     Major: Digital Media Arts
                                                                     Goal: Make more school spirit!

 Muhammad Pic-min

ASG Emerging Technology & Entrepreneurial Representative

Muhammad Hussain


Phone: (425)563-2337

Major: Informatics Transfer

Goals: To make the use of technology as easy as possible for all the students on campus


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