Government Officers

We, the ASG, serve and represent the student body in order to celebrate our diversity, enhance student involvement, create positive changes, and improve student learning within an engaging academic environment.


ASG President

Melantha JenkinsMel

(425) 564-2295     Email:

VP of Finance & Communication

Hevel FernandezHével, Your VP of Finance!

(425) 564-2269     Email:

VP of Student affairs & Pluralism

Maria ChebanovaMC-1

(425) 564-2332     Email:

VP of External Legislative Affairs

Teague Crenshawteague

(425) 564-2332      Email:

Judicial Board

Chief Justice

Joel AllenIMG_20140915_170120

(425) 564-2339      Email:

Justice of Internal Affairs

Marisol LopezIMG_20140915_170109

(425) 564-2143     Email:

Justice of External Affairs

Austin WhiteAustin

(425) 564-2142     Email:


Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative

Lana MackLana

(425) 564-5089       Email:

Marketing & Public Relations Representative

Clare TaiWIN_20140910_133832

(425) 564-2141      Email:

Campus Life & Events Representatives
Maria Jimenez MJ
(425) 564-2490      Email:
Emerging Technological & Entrepreneurial Representative

Gebriel AmareMy photo

(425) 749-0561      Email:


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