Meet your officers!

Sam Akeyo


Abner Pagunuran

Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism

My first quarter at Bellevue College, I went to Student Programs (C212!) and looked for ways to get involved on campus. That was where I met the Campus Life and Events Representative at that time. Her advice stuck with me because it was so simple: Just come in, hang out, and the opportunities will come find you! Soon enough, I was volunteering for events, making new friends, and ultimately shadowing the old ASG for the rest of the year. Despite my loss in that year’s election, I carried on with my work for Bellevue College because frankly, I didn’t care for having a “flashy” title. I worked behind the student programs front desk which led to my internship for our Office of Student Legislative Affairs (OSLA) where I served as our student lobbyist down in Olympia as an advocate for student needs. Upon my return, I ran for my position during elections and here I am! If you’re interested in getting involved as well, I repeat those wise words once said to me: Just come in, hang out, and the opportunities will come find you!

Amber Castaneda

Vice President of Finance and Communication

I enrolled at bc as a computer science major, after traveling nationally and internationally for 2 years. my travels opened my eyes to the understanding of other cultures and the social issues plaguing our world. it is no surprise i soon added a concentration in sociology. i bring this world prospective together with my experience as an executive assistant to serve you as your vp of finance and communication. As your VP I am responsible for the budget management and strategic planning for ASG. To accomplish this, I help student programs and clubs get funding for various successful student run and attended activities, while ensuring our ASG remains fiscally responsible. I am also responsible for maintaining open, honest and transparent communications within the ASG and with all external partners – from student programs to administration to you, the students. Therefore, above all else, I am here to serve you!

Michael Cha

Chief Justice

My name is Michael Cha and I am a music/marketing student with plans to transfer to Berklee College of Music in 2018. I have been president of several clubs on campus, as well as a member of several organizations, have worked as the Student Event Coordinator in Campus Activities Board, and currently serve as the Chief Justice in Associated Student Government. In my free time, I play soccer, make music, and play with my Chiweenie.

Jordan Allen

Campus Life and Event Representative

I wanted a job that allowed me to financially invest in my personal dreams & goals. But what I discovered here at Bellevue College’s Student Programs was much more enriching! As I pursue my happiness in higher education, I wanted to be employed in such a place where I am surrounded by people who are driven, focused, and serious about getting a job well done. I found that as the Campus Life & Events Representative. The objective was gainful employment, but what has mattered more to me are relationships & experiences that are to be gained with such an enriching opportunity as this one.

Joedy Morrow

Enviornmental and Social Responsibility Representative

I am currently pursuing an Associates in the Arts and Sciences degree with a Sustainability Concentration. My goal as the Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative is to fairly representative and advocate for the students of Bellevue College. I believe that moving towards a more sustainable and social conscious campus would be rewarding for the Bellevue College community in many ways. During my time with the Associated Student Government, I aim to align my work with Bellevue College’s vision, core values, and mission statement.

Connor Sinnott

Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative

I joined ASG as the Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative because of my strong belief that technology, specifically the internet, is the greatest resource avaiable to any indivudal with a willingness to learn. With just a laptop and an internet connection, one has access to countless tutorials, forums, and texts about virtually any topic. Of course, there is no greater platform to learn programming on than the internet. The community around programming is enormous, with developers offering their support and ideas, and companies such as Amazon offering free services to those looking to learn. My goal is to spread this knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone, as everyone has the ability to be technologically literate.

Jakari Aujla-Singh

External Legislative Affairs Representative

Hi, my name is Jahkari Aujla-Singh and I’m currently your External Legislative Affairs Representative for the Associated Students of Bellevue College. My job position is a mouth full, but I really love what I do. I started at Bellevue College in fall of 2013 as a running start student and I will be finishing my AA this spring and transferring to a four-year school in the winter of 2018. I will be majoring in political science and then plan on going to law school. My ultimate goal is to run for public office so hopefully I can get your support down the road and will continue doing my job to work for the students.

Mei-ching Wu

Marketing and Public Relations Representative

I came from Taiwan and started my AA degree in Digital Media Arts (DMA) in Bellevue College in 2014. I became involved in Student Legislative Affairs in Bellevue College. It is my belief that students have the right to pursue academic freedom, civic rights and educational rights. During my one-year term work experience, I gained incredible opportunities in leadership training. After that, I want to involve more at school; I want to apply what I learned in OSLA and DMA to my ASG position. Also, I want to inspire and help students to be successful in college. After all, ”Knowledge is power,” and college is an amazing place to change one’s life. I want to use the knowledge I learned to empower and serve others in Bellevue College.