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Financial Code

The college has created Student Services and Activities Accounts, into which we deposit Services and Activities Fees and revenues received by Bellevue College in connection with the ordinary and usual student programs and activities of the college.

The Revised Code of Washington 28B.15.041 provides that the “service and activities fees shall be used as otherwise provided by law or by rule or regulation of the Board of Trustees…of each of the state’s community colleges…for the express purpose of funding student activities and programs of their particular institution.” It is, therefore, expressly recognized that RCW 28B.15.041 grants to Community College District VIII Board of Trustees the final authority to determine the permissible uses of the Services and Activities Fees, consistent with the law.

Financial Code for Associated Students of Bellevue College (PDF)


Club Chartering and Re-chartering Application

Students who wish to be registered as an official club or student organization must fill out the Club Chartering Application in order to be chartered as an ASBC Club and enlist in the Club Roster. Make sure to follow the steps below carefully when filling out the form.

  1. Download the chartering form from the link below by clicking it or by doing right-click, then Save As.

          Club Charter Application

  2. Fill out the form and get a signature from your advisor and ‘one’ club representative.How to sign the document (tutorial for Adobe Acrobat pdf reader):A. Click the Sign button on the left panel, and the left panel will show several options like how it is shown below
  1. 1

B.  Choose ‘Place Signature’. A dialogue box will pop up.


C.   On the dialogue box, choose Draw my signature. Then, draw your signature on the white space. Then click Accept, and place it above the signature line.

3 4

D.   Save your document. Send this saved filled form to That is the e-mail address of Student Program’s front desk. Your form is received by them, and later will be forwarded to the Associate Justice to be processed. Your chartering form submission will not be accepted if it doesn’t go through the front desk.



 After submitting the chartering form, wait for the confirmation e-mail from your associate justice. Your club is officially chartered after you receive the confirmation e-mail that contains the information and the next steps you need to know.


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