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Camp Casey

June 19th-22nd, 2012 is the annual Student Programs Leadership Institute Camp Casey leadership retreat.

All participants are to arrive at 7:15 am sharp at the flag circle! Check in will start immediately due to a large group of students who need to check in as well as ferry deadlined.

Parking If you plan on leaving a car on campus while you are at Camp Casey please park in lot D-1 and make sure you car information is on the list we will give to public safety so you receive no tickets or get towed for parking on campus for the week.

Check in steps

Check in A Get a number card, color code, and luggage tag.

Check in B Put tagged Luggage in U-Haul

Check in C Find your color captain to receive name tag, sports bag with notebook and water bottle

Once you finish these steps you canboared your assigned bus or wait in the marked ‘waiting aira’. This is also your last chance to use the restroom until we get onto the ferry, please plan accordingly.

Please notify Student Programs staff if you experence Motion Sickness. We can help seat you.

Contact Nora with any questions or concerns on June 19th.


Packing list for Camp Casey

  • Sleeping bag and/or sheet and blanket,pillow (no extra bedding will be provided)
  • Toiletries: washcloth, shampoo, soap, bath towel, tooth brush, etc.
  • Warm clothing (It can be cold since we are near the water)
  • 2 pairs of sturdy shoes (can bring flip flops for the shower)(The ropes corse will require sturdy close toed shoes and the camp has uneven ground. It will reduce the chance of accidents)
  • Raincoat
  • hat, gloves, scarves (we will provide a sweatshirt)
  • Swimsuit and extra towel (If you plan to swim)
  • Sunscrean, sunglasses
  • Medication (If you require any)
  • Flashlight
  • Money for snacks(can buy on ferry and at camp)

There will be no oppertunity to buy supplies once we leave Bellevue College. Please make sure to pack any supplies you will need.


Do Not Pack

  • Expensive Jewelry
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Any type of noise makers
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs (other then required medication)
  • Laptop or other electronics (there will be limited access to electricity and no internet/cell access)
  • High heels

There will be very limited space so please only pack what you need!

We will provide everything else plus fun!




asg group photo 2

2012-2013 BC Foundation Scholarships!

2012-2013 BC Foundation Scholarships!

The Bellevue College Foundation is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 scholarship opportunities for BC students.  Scholarships are for use during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.  All BC Foundation Scholarships are for use at Bellevue College only and can be applied to tuition, fees and (in some cases) books.

Applications are being accepted online NOW!

Visit the BC Foundation Website / Scholarship Page for instructions and access to the online application 

Applications due  June 25!

Questions? Please stop by the Foundation office (A101) for more information.
Phone (425) 564-2386  Email:

AAPI Heritage Month Event

May 15, 2012

9:30 – 10:20 am

“Experiences of an Asian American Civil Rights Activist”

Speaker : Robert “Uncle Bob” Santos

LMC Event Center Room D 106

Robert “Bob” Santos, aka Uncle Bob, is the most publicly recognized spokesperson and leader of the movement that began in the 1970s to preserve Seattle’s Chinatown/ International District (ID).  He is the son of Filipino immigrant Sammy Santos and an “Indipino” (Native American/ Filipino) mother, Virginia Nicol. He was born in Seattle in 1934 and grew up in the city’s Chinatown.  He served in the U.S. Marines after high school in the early 1950s, and returned to Seattle in 1955 to work for Boeing.

He will speak at Bellevue College as part of the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration.

Sponsored by

MCS, LMC, Student Programs, Office of Equity & Pluralism

Election results 2012 – 2013

ASG President

Ish Sigh Momi : 453 votes

Takhmina Dzhuraeva : 494 votes


ASG VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism

(Tweedy) Thuy Ngoc Pham : 309 votes

Michael Yoon : 714 votes


ASG VP of Finance and Communication

Dustin Boehlike : 651 votes


ASG Campus Life and Events Representative

Katurah Anderson : 781 votes


ASG Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative

Vannarith Khov : 644 votes


ASG Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative

Alexander Clark : 353 votes

Emily McMillan : 21 votes

Mackenzie Williamson : 500 votes


ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative

Heidi Yota : 440 votes

Jonathan Peak : 308 votes


ASG Chief Justice

Kevin Tu : 340 votes

Kristin Velez : 268 votes

Steve Turner : 225 votes


ASG Associate Justice #1

Assami Bandai : 470 votes

Jiaxin Liu : 259 votes


ASG Associate Justice #2

Chanmi Choi : 357 votes

Sean Juel : 437 votes

Election Candidates 2012-2013



1. Takhmina Dzhuraeva

My name is Takhmina Dzhuraeva and I am running to be your Bellevue College Student Body President. I am an international student from Tajikistan pursuing a degree in Interior Design. I believe the time has come for Bellevue College to have a female ASG President and the first international student President. I have extensive experience in student government and on campus. I have built a strong relationship with the Staff and Administration and understand the environment of Bellevue College. I understand the value and importance of team work and commitment. I also am aware about the many talents and potential that every student brings to the table.

I know through experience what it takes to be a public servant and I promise to continue this through active teamwork and a strong collaboration between students and the community. I am committed to serving you through proven leadership, dedication, and passion for students. Above all, I am ready to listen, to bring forth change for the better, and to be your advocate and friend.



2. Ishatpal Momi

Hello, my name is Ish Momi. I have served as President of Criminal Justice Club, Poetry Club, and International Club throughout my highschool career simultaneously. I learned to become a better leader in these years and eventually worked my up in becoming a Criminal Justice self-defense instructor and S.W.A.T. Team instructor for the future police officers of America.

I have also been working with multiple programs such as BSU, El Centro Latino, and LGBTQ.

I am as per leaving this college joining the Army as combat operative officer through an R.O.T.C. program. I hold the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage to my very being and hope to apply them to this position representing you, the students of Bellevue College.

ASG is like a business, you have a CEO, CFO, Events Coordinator, and even a Marketing Representative. Enhancing the student experience is our product and you are our customers, and as a company we seek to give our customers the best possible product at lower costs.



VICE President of Student affairs and Pluralism


1.Michael Yoon

Hello Bellevue College students!I am Michael Yoon! I’m a business management major at Bellevue College. I tutor math at the Academic Success Center and am the president of the Business Leadership and Fashion clubs. I’ve enthusiastically led fellow students in creating successful events for Bellevue College’s culturally-diverse student body, including Cultural Potluck and Valentine’s Day. Most importantly, I approach all challenges with an open mind, which inspires fellow students. The more students I lead, the more actively I want to be involved in Bellevue College’s student community. I feel that I fit the description of the VP of Pluralism and Student Affairs perfectly.

I have these qualities and goals to offer: dedication to social justice, open-minded enthusiasm, compassion to listen, learn, connect with, and serve you. Ultimately, I’m aiming for a society (Bellevue College) based on equity and social justice. I appreciate everybody here.



2. Thuy Ngoc Pham 

My name is Thuy Ngoc Pham, aka Tweedy. I’m an International Student from Vietnam and this is my 4th quarter in Bellevue College. I’m majoring in Communication and Journalism. I started to get involved on campus from the very first quarter: I’m a mentor at Peer-to-Peer and involved with multicultural clubs such as Latin American Culture Club (LACC), Black Student Union (BSU), International Student Association (iSA), etc. These exposures and involvements have helped shape my understanding about the true meaning of diversity and have made helping students became my passion. To me, the uniqueness of individuals is what creates diversity. Running for this position, I want to become not just a leader but also a supporter. I want to have the privilege to be there for Bellevue College students and to represent the voice of students. All I need is a chance. Your vote is the best support to me.



Vice President of Finance and Communication


1. Megan Phan

Megan Minh Phan is running to become your V.P of Finance and Communication in 2012-2013. She is pursuing an environmental science major and firmly believes that environmental equity and sustainability is and can be infused into anything (yes, even finance and communications) because nature and humans are interconnected. For the past three years at Bellevue College, she has been taking math courses quarter after quarter (to achieve her science degree prerequisites) while working as the ASG Environmental and Social Responsibility Rep from 2011-2012. She has been representing students while helping them with fund allocation, projects, events, and pushing forward a more just and equitable community.

Megan is a reliable, trustworthy, approachable, and open-hearted girl who loves connecting with others and the natural world. Megan believes she is the best candidate as VP because she is equitable, just, reasonable, compassionate, articulate, detail oriented, and a good listener. As the Vice President of Finance and Communication, Megan will do her best to help the president lead the group of nine while being a liaison between students and the entire associated student government.
Who would have known that finance and communications could be so loud and spontaneously exciting?!



2. Dustin Boehlke

Hello my name is Dustin and I am running for VP OF FINANCES AND COMMUNICATION.


I am a strong communicator and believe strongly in fairness. I am also very adamant about working closely with all students to create a feedback system for student transparency. Moreover, I want to make sure the ASG promotes more veteran projects, help other smaller clubs, new clubs, and give all clubs/programs an equal chance of growth.

I want to work with all of the representatives in bringing their strengths to the table to help with finances and create events that will be both enrich the campus and be successful.


I want BC students to get the most out of their student government.


Vote for Dustin!


Environment and Social Responsibility Representative



1. Alexander Clark 

Hello! My name is Alexander Clark, and I am running for the ASG Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative. I am studying Botany here at Bellevue, and plan on transferring to get a degree in Ethnobotany. I am passionate about the world we share. Many of the choices we make on a daily basis directly impact not only the environment but our experiences. I want to positively influence student’s lives by fostering interest and awareness of environmental and social issues. This is the first step towards solving the problems we face as members of this global community. We need to have people in positions to make the changes needed to move towards a more sustainable future. I am that change. I promise to work hard, listen to your ideas, and do everything in my power to bring them to fruition.



2. Mackenzie Williamson

Hey BC! My name’s Kenzie, and I want to be your environmental representative! My personal passion, when I’m not at school, is backpacking but I also love skiing, rock climbing, and pretty much anything outside.  I have a background in botany and plan to major in environmental business.  I would be perfect for the position because I value everyone’s opinions, I’m hardworking, and I have tons of experience in leadership and community service planning situations.  My goals for Bellevue College are to involve more students, make responsibility projects available, preserve the ecosystem, implement new as well as ensure funding for current projects, and promote BC as a forward thinking campus! If you want an eco rep that is easy to talk to, exciting to work with, and wants to make Bellevue College the best campus it can be… Vote for the girl that will turn tides in environmental thinking (:



3. Emily McMillan

No Picture or Information provided



Emerging Technology Representative


Vannarith Khov 

Hi everyone! Vannarith Khov is studying Computer Networking Systems. He will be very honored to serve you as The Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative. Vannarith is very positive of his abilities, to be responsible for keeping the ASG website up-to-date and to bring new innovative technology to campus. He will maintain the website and solve problems as they arise. Beside his passion for Information Technology, Vannarith also likes to make a difference in people’s lives. As a leader, he empowers others to be positive and to live life to the fullest.



Campus life and Events Representative


Keturah Anderson

Hello Bellevue College Students! I am very excited to help change our campus into somewhere that is new, fun, and filled with enthusiasm! My goal is to help and support all clubs and students at Bellevue College to be successful and feel welcome on campus. I’m excited to create more events that expand to all students’ interests and help students promote their clubs, create new ideas, and to accomplish their event goals.

I want to reach out to not only the students in Student Programs but students all over the BC Campus! I have much experience for this position including professionally interning for an Events and Record company that required a lot of time and all of the tasks that make up an Events Assistant.

I am ready to put in my very best effort to make sure Bellevue College full of Enthusiasm!


Marketing and Public Relations Representative


1. Jonathan Paek

Hello everybody, my name is Jonathan Paek and I am running for the ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative. A little background knowledge on, I am half Chinese and half Korean. This is my second year at Bellevue College and I am majoring in business and studying marketing and sales. I have always had a passion for business, strictly marketing because I love the atmosphere and team would that it takes to accomplish goals and task together as a team. In my years at Bellevue College I have redefined my skills and I now believe that I am even better than I was before. My communication, team work, self-motivation and ability to be self-driven had brought me to where I am today and this is why I believe I would be outstanding for the ASG marketing and public relations position at Bellevue College.



2. Heidi Yota

Hello! My name is Ignatia Heidi Yota and I am running for Bellevue College’s Associated Student Government to be your next Marketing and Public Relations Representative. I moved to the United States eight months ago to continue my studies and broaden my horizon. Through my travels for school and hands on experience working with people with diverse backgrounds in both formal and casual occasions I have developed an open-minded mindset and a proactive approach in life. If elected I will show you that I am not afraid to take risks and commit in everything I do. My goal is to ensure each student’s voice will be heard. I am looking forward to work for and with you, as a way to give back to the community that has served me so well.



Chief Justice


1. Kevin Tu

My name is Kevin Tu, I believe that I am the best candidate for the Chief Justice position because I am very

culturally diverse which means that I’m very open minded when it comes to important issues that will arise during the course of my term.



2. Steve Turner

Born in London, England. Traveled, worked in and experienced 38 countries in the world. Volunteer on campus, involved with Peer to Peer, Office of Student and Legislative Affairs, Associated Student Government and Bike Club. Proponent of the Character ethic, greater good ethics model with a focus on people over paperwork.



3. Kristin Velez

Vote for me because I will provide equal representation for all students, I make informed, unbiased, logical decisions, and I have a lot of experience with policy interpretation and parliamentary procedure.

In short, here on campus, I volunteer for Peer to Peer, I am involved with OSLA (Office of Student Legislative Affairs), I am learning Japanese, and I am very active as Captain of our debate team. Outside of school, I have been in a program called Youth and Government for four years. The program gives youth the opportunity to experience the legislative process first hand, from writing legislation to all of the procedures and formalities that go along with it. I am a logical person who does not take objective or emotional stances with the ability to see opposing sides and understand them instantaneously. I am a very open, accepting person with the understanding that no one belief system or culture is correct. I am a person who takes initiative. I am a person who is dedicated to assisting others. I am a person of good moral. My name is Kristin Velez and I wish to serve you as your future Chief Justice.



Associate Justice #1


1. Asami Bandai

Hello, students of Bellevue College! My name is Asami Bandai. My goals as an Associate Justice #1 is to listen to students’ voice attentively, and to make sure that you are treated fairly based on the Constitution and your rights are respected. I am confident I will be successful in this position based on my academic success, integrity, and policy-making experiences.  I am very passionate to serve students, and contribute to Bellevue College. What I will offer to you is DIVERSITY, EQUALITY, COMPASSION, UNITY, and JUSTICE. I look forward to serving you as your future Associate Justice #1.


2. Jiaxin Liu   

Hello, Everyone. My name is Jiaxin Liu, and I come from China. This is truly my honor to have this opportunity to run on a new Associate of Justice #1 and serve everyone in Bellevue College. I have been Bellevue College two years and did many volunteer works before. I am also an academic tutor in academic success center. From my previous working experience, I think I have sufficient ability and experience to deal with various difficult on my job. I have achieved superior academic performance in my study. In addition, I am willing to use this opportunity to enhance my leadership. Please vote for me! Thank you so much!


Associate Justice #2


1. Chanmi Choi 

Dear voters, my name is Chanmi Choi. I am running for Associate Justice #2 currently. I applied for this position with strong enthusiasm. Associate Justice #2’s main job is managing all the clubs in BC. I plan to fill this position for reflecting your opinions for improving BC clubs, not for my own benefit. I had led ‘Reading Club’ for six years during my school life, so I got a lot of lessons about clubs through this experience. I am eager to share my useful experiences with you. For this reason, I sincerely need your support. I am ready for this position, and I am ready to listen to your opinions. Vote Chanmi Choi. Thank you.



2. Sean Juel 

Hello! My name is Sean Juel and I would like to serve Bellevue College as your associate justice #2. Over the past year we’ve been fortunate enough to have such a great group of people in the ASG, and I want to raise this excellent standard we have. I’ve been lucky to be a part of Team Justice, because all our members have compassion for students and the willingness to serve them. As for me, I have a lot of experience with policy interpretation from competing regularly with our speech and debate team. I also have proven my dedication to the student body by putting some ambitious students into contact with a faculty adviser, helping them to turn their dreams of starting a club into a reality, all before being elected into office. I am not just well-suited for this position, but ideal for it. If you would support me, I promise to continue to show results, and continue to help you get the most you can out of your education. I hope to have the privilege to serve you the very best I can. Thank you!



Voting :

                 Starts : April 26, 2012  1:00 a.m.

                 Ends   : May 4, 2012  11:59 p.m.

To vote go here :

College Civics Week!!

Hey everyone! College Civics week is here! The Office of Student Legislative Affairs is extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting a week long event with a wide variety of activities, workshops, documentaries, games, etc! AND with Secretary of State Sam Reed!! Woot woot!

This email is specifically to invite you all to come and meet Sam Reed, our Secretary of State! Before he retires in January, Secretary of State Sam Reed plans to go back to college – many colleges, actually. And Bellevue College is one of them! As part of his College Civics tour, Sam Reed will be visiting Bellevue College and meeting y’all awesome students. Since taking office in 2000, Sam Reed has led the State of Washington into the 21st Century and secured its legacy. In 2004, he launched the nation’s first state government digital archives to rescue disappearing electronic history. And best of all, he’s one really cool, friendly guy.

Apart from having Sam Reed as our keynote speaker, OSLA will be hosting a jeopardy event and LOTS of free food. Come meet Sam Reed from 3:30 – 4:30 PM on April 10th, 2012. You don’t want to miss this!



Link to the facebook event:


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