Winter Quarter Club Bash on March 7th

Hello clubs!


Next Wednesday, March 7th, will be the Winter Quarter Club Bash from 10am-1pm in the cafeteria (C-building).

The Club Bash is a club fair in which clubs will receive a table in the cafeteria to create a display and show themselves to the students. It is a great opportunity for clubs to reach out to the students about activities that the clubs do, as well as the chance to recruit new members. This quarter’s club bash theme is Mardi Gras!

To reserve a table for your club at the club bash, all you need to do is send an email to this address as soon as possible letting me know which club wants a table. On the day of the event, please arrive at least 30 minutes early to set up. Another thing you can do is email or call (425) 564-2490 to reserve your table ahead of time.


In addition, within in the next week or two, we will also be hosting the Club Caucus, which is a meeting space for is a time for clubs to gather together at a meeting chaired by the ASG to discuss projects, goals, and issues hindering club success. I will follow up with you all ASAP as soon as I work out some kinks with the room reservation.


I hope to hear back soon and see you at the event!


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