President’s Welcome

Welcome to Bellevue College. We invite you to visit us at any time—in person or through this site—and explore the life of our campus.

Bellevue College, named one of the top ten community colleges in the nation by Rolling Stone Magazine, opened its doors in January 1966 with less than 500 students. The night before the historic opening, fifty students camped outside to reserve the privilege to be the first to register for class. In the decades since, the college has grown to become the second largest institution of higher learning in the state and has emerged as an educational leader, known nationally for its innovations. Today, Bellevue College offers an immense variety of classes from the arts to nursing to leadership development. The school offers regular coursework as well as four year programs and specialized programs; carrying on the legacy of high quality academics.

The diverse campus and student body has become a hotspot for the promotion of culture, heritage, and pride. The Associated Student Government works to reach out to society to bring higher education to all students who have a desire to learn as well as spreading unity between fellow human beings. We believe that the best learning environment is one which accepts all ideals and philosophies and allows the facilitation of thought and knowledge.

As your ASG President, I am working to ensure that the united student voice is echoed throughout the hallways of educators and our elected representatives. I want to listen to students about their concerns and issues and to address these issues and bring them to the staff, educators, or legislators; wherever it must be taken so each and every student can continue to enjoy their pursuit of knowledge.

This is a student-run website and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Bellevue College.