ASG Debate April 17th 2014

These are the times each position will be on stage (may change and if so I will email you all):


ASG Debate schedule:

  • 11:35-11:45: President Candidates
  • 11:45-11:55: Constitution Change- Vice President of External Legislative Affairs
  • 11:55-12:05: Vice President of Finance and Communications
  • 12:05-12:15: Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism
  • 12:15-12:25: Chief Justice
  • 12:25-12:35: Campus Life and Events Representative
  • 12:35-12:45: Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative
  • 12:45-12:55: Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative
  • 12:55-1:05: Marketing and Public Relations Representative
  • 1:05-1:15: Justice of Internal Affairs


*If you must by any means change your availability for these debates please contact Chief Justice Komal Sahota.


Best of luck to all of our candidates!


Thank you.

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April 17th 2014 B.O.D Cancelled

Due to the Students attending the Student of Color Conference, there will be no Board Meeting tomorrow at 3:30pm.

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No “Board of Directors Meeting” March 27th 2014

Due to Spring Break, there will be no Board of Directors Meeting. We will have a General Assembly meeting April 3rd.

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2014-2015 Application Extension update!


To whom it may concern,

the following applications have been re-extended for submission to March 28th by 5:00pm:

Supreme Justice of External Affairs, Supreme Justice of Internal Affairs, and Environment, Social Responsibility Representative and Marketing and Public Relations Representative.

If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to contact ASG Chief Justice Komal Sahota: or ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative Miranda Tamnkang:

-Thank you.

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2014-2015 ASG Elections!!!

If you’re looking for ways to get involved at Bellevue College, COME APPLY FOR ASG!

The associated student government is one of the best ways to get involved, learn, and grow as a student leader.




At Bellevue College we believe that students are the center of everything we do. This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience, leadership skills and quality training to becoming exceptional. Each of these ten paying positions provides students with good recommendations on school resumes and career opportunities for the future. Invest your time is the greatest investment  of your life. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to take your knowledge of BC to the next level and representing your fellow students.

Be a voice for change!


Apply.      Be heard.      Inspire.


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General Assembly Meeting December 5th 2013!

Students are welcome to come and attend the General Assembly Meeting on December 5th 2013 from 1:30 – 3:00 in room C130.

There will be Committees and Program chairs that will share a brief summary of their plans for improving the systems supporting our student union.

This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in the changes happening on our campus. Please come and support our BC programs!

We want to see YOUR faces and hear YOUR concerns.!


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November 21st B.O.D Cancelled

There will be no B.O.D meeting on November 21st due to ASG New Orleans Conference.

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Bellevue College 2013 Updated Club List

# Clubs Meetings Room Contact Contact E-Mail Phone Advisor Advisor’s Email Ext. Office Date Chartered
1 African Student Association 12pm-2pm Mon C211
Wed C103
Amara Jambai (425) 449-9416 Candiest Stewart 2385 C212 8/20/13
2 Amnesty International 10.30-11.20am Wed C225 Magenta Loera (425) 495-9407 Tim Jones A200B 8/7/13
3 Auto Restoration TBD TBD Christopher Johnson (206) 518-0987 Faisal Jaswal 6151 C210 10/10/13
4 BC Chess Club 12.30-2.00p Mon TBD Stephen Richmond (425) 246-4870 Mark Storey 2118 B200C 10/15/13
5 BC Social Business Forum TBD TBD Salma Abdelbadie (425) 268-0003 Brooks Brophy A254 10/7/13
6 BC Unicef Club 4pm-5pm Thu C103 Seung Yong Lee (425) 281-7931 Tim Jones A200B 7/18/13
7 Bellevue College Archery Club TBD TBD Shtefan S. (206) 395-4477 Chris Stoynov X6152 C212 8/15/13
8 Bellevue College Film Society TBD TBD Tyrone Purchase (425) 652-1859 Michael Korolenko 4109 R230 10/17/13
9 Bellevue College Gay, Straight Alliance 2-3pm Thu TBD Lauryn Shinaul (425) 919-3317 Colin K. Donovan 2699 D125H 9/10/13
10 Bellevue College League of Legends Club 2.30-3.30pm Wed R311 Andrew Rogers (425) 633-7624 Brian Scott 2091 9/25/13
11 Bellevue College Speech & Debate Society 10.30-11.30am Wed
2:30-4:30pm Thu
Kristin Velez (425) 681-8236 Denise Vaughan X2619 A110 7/18/13
12 Bulldog Spirit contact by phone contact by phone Keturah Anderson (206) 409-9204 William O’Connor 2454 9/25/13
13 Capoeria Angola Palmares 3.00-4.50pm Thu R014 Chitalu Mumba (425) 351-2181 Candiest Stewart 2385 C212A 10/7/13
14 Chemistry Club 11:30am – 12:30pm Fri  S314 Melissa Le (808) 722-4215 Carole Berg 10/22/13
15 Christian Students Association at BC (CSA) 2.00-3.00p Wed C103 Wanju Yu (425) 289-8727 Alan Yabui 3083 R230C 9/10/13
16 Collimaters Club TBD TBD Truc Nguyen (206) 351-6581 Sheere Zupan 6184 B252B 10/10/13
17 Communication Club TBD TBD Luke Kressley (727) 470-4225 Stephanie Hurst 3062 R230V 10/15/13
18 Computer Science Club 2.30-3.30p Thu C225 Justin Trimachi (425) 306-8566 Bill Iverson 4024 L200 10/2/13
19 DJ Club TBD TBD Saman Maftoun (425) 682-6065 Adam Burke 2249 D126 10/7/13
20 Docs and Dents 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Thu R140 Debbie Enns (425) 635-8489 Carole Berg 6179 S340
21 Engineering Club TBD TBD Alec Hancock (425) 377-8452 Frank Lee 2056 L200J 10/22/13
22 English Gospel Association 4.30-6.30p Fri C211 Bin Li (425) 420-4031 Frank Lee L200J 9/30/13
23 Equal Minds 3pm-4pm Tue C103 Andrew Woods (425) 614-1808 Sara Gardner X2172 B132 8/1/13
24 ESL Club TBD TBD Mao Huai Weng (425) 698-8110 Nancy McEachram 2147 R130U 10/22/13
25 Flash Mob TBD TBD Taichi Ishikawa (206) 778-4137 Nance Koike C227 8/8/13
26 Genki Society 3.00pm-5.00pm L214 William D. (425) 891-9504 Candiest Stewart X2385 C212 7/10/13
27 Impact TBD TBD Thembela M (206) 779-4068 Sandra Walkenhorst 2108 10/29/13
28 Indonesian Fellowship Club 2.30-3.30p Fri C211 Arman Yosal (206) 747-2654 Alan Yabui R230 7/31/13
29 Intercp (International Church Planting) TBD TBD Da Young Song (425) 463-8859 Sunmi Ku 2408 L200-S 9/25/13
30 International Talk Time 11am-1pm Thu C103 Ling Ling Chiu (206) 859-3362 Cindy Boekhoff 2087 ISP Office 8/7/13
31 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 3-4.30pm Fri C225 Kylie Visitacion  (206) 941-5322 Cindy Boekhoff 2087 ISP Office 7/15/13
32 Japanese Conversation Club 4.30-5.30pm Wed C225 Angela Morgan (425) 417-8634 Anne Matsumoto Stewart 2739 A245C 10/1/13
33 Jewish Student Union 10:30-11:30 am Wed C211 Kalman Clement (206) 553-9970 Faisal Jaswal 6151 C210 10/3/13
34 Korean Language & Culture Club (KLC) TBD TBD Hyung Kim (253) 217-3974 Lori Saffin 2161 A100 10/30/13
35 Latin American Culture Club 9.30-10.20am Mon C103 Victor Morales (425) 691-7419 Henry Amaya 4064 MCS 9/12/13
36 Latter-Day Saint Student Association 11.30-12.30 Tue Thu C211 Valin Heward (406) 529-7452 Sandra Walkenhorst L200 8/8/13
37 Model United Nations Club TBD TBD Ana Palma (425) 273-3819 Tim Jones A200B 7/15/13
38 Movie Club 4.00p-7.00pm Fri D101 Hiroshi Fujita (206) 261-4016 Anne Matsumoto Stewart A245-C 8/12/13
39 Muslim Student Association (MSA) Tue 1:30-3:30
Wed 1:30-3:30
Fri 12:30-3:00
A265 Ahmed Pirbhai (206) 434-9188 Faisal Jaswal 6151 C210 9/10/13
40 Nicherin Buddhist Club 5pm-6pm Wed C211 Daniel Morris (425) 495-0068 Chris Stoynov X6152 C212 8/15/13
41 Open Style Dance Association 5.00-6.00pm Thu R014 Eri Kono (206) 489-6390 Faisal Jaswal 6151 C210 10/7/13
42 Organization of Women Leaders (OWL) 11.30-12.30 Thu C225 Takhmina Dzhuraeva (425) 691-9744 Terese McClane X5605 B231 7/31/13
43 Photography Club 12:30-1:30pm Fri C103 Westley Evers (970) 623-9765 Chad White C252 8/8/13
44 Physics Club (Sum of All Forces) TBD TBD Thomas Butler (429) 444-8604 Robert Hobbs 3054 B144 10/3/13
45 Psychology Club TBD TBD Tam Nguyen (206) 992-7368 Tabitha Turowski 2329 D100A 10/1/13
46 Redeemers College Fellowship Club TBD TBD Neema Malya (425) 633-9193 Benayah Israel 3059 D124
47 Reformed University Fellowship 12:30-1:30pm Tue C103 Vincent Vining (425) 572-0211 Cindy Boekhoff X2087 H6 8/6/13
48 Rotaract 1.30pm-2.30pm Thu C211 James Kang (425) 279-3558 Skip Sampelayo C226 7/11/13
49 SACNAS Chapter 3.30pm-4.30pm 2nd&4th Wed of the month C211 Connor Relph (425) 591-7945 Susan Miller 4016 L200 10/17/13
50 Sakura Club 11.30am-1.30pm Fri B101 George Rogers (425) 442-5685 Anne Matsumoto Stewart 2739 A245C 10/1/13
51 Soccer Club 3:00-6:00 Fri G100 or
Robinswood Soccer Field
A. Patience (206) 681-4631 Kiko Magana X3124 G building 8/6/13
52 Societas Eruditorum TBD TBD Caroline Peppe (425) 736-6253 Dana Updegrove 2324 L200 10/3/13
53 South Asian Student Association 10.30-11.30am Thu
2.30-3.30pm Thu
morning C225
afternoon R306
Gurkamalpreet Sahota (253) 670-8165 Sabrina Sanchez D110 10/9/13
54 The S.P.I.T.T.E.R.S 3-4pm Thu C103 Ali Collucci (609).952.6682 Aaron Reader 2495 8/8/13
55 Weird Anthropology Club TBD TBD Chelsea Baggette (425) 260-9801 Tony  Tessandori D110H 9/19/13


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National Black Student Conference!!

The Associated Student Government of Bellevue College is honored to recognize these outstanding individuals for being selected to attend the National Black Student Conference representing the BSU from Bellevue College.

Krischianna Roberson

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the students whose writing ability and drive to be change agents for our campus, have earned them a trip to the National Black Student Union (BSU) Conference that will be held in Chicago, Illinois November 15-17 as well as a leadership position with the BC BSU for the year. We had a total of 18 students submit application and an essay. 8 were selected by the review committee. The students will be required to fulfill a writing assignment and create a group presentation for the campus community (dates and location TBD). Please extend a congratulations and job well done as you see the students in your classrooms and around campus! Thank you to the departments, faculty and staff who participated in providing this opportunity to our students! The winner’s as well as excerpts from their essays are listed below:

v Taylor Anderson – Interior Design major and BSU Director
v Gary Hunter – Business Management major and BSU Social Media Manager
v Mikayla Matters – Forensic Archaeology major and BSU Secretary
v Joel Allen – Arts & Sciences major and BSU Treasurer
v Salina Abraham – Chemical Engineering (Science) major and BSU Fall Events Manager
v Tradon Jordan – Business major and BSU Spring Events Manager
v Taylor Johnson – Pre-Physical Therapy major and Winter Events Manager
v Japgurjap “Prince” Singh – Music major and BSU Volunteer Coordinator

Congratuations BSU! We hope to hear great things from this conference!

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ASG + OSLA Fall 2013 Student Survey

Hey Students!

We need your help in getting your voices out there! Our lovely Office of Student and Legislative Affairs and Associated Student Government have collaborated together to create a survey to help “YOU”. By taking this survey, you enable us to fight on your behalf  in making positive changes to our campus this year and the many years ahead. Please take a few minutes to tell us about yourselves and share with us your concerns and comments about this survey. Your feedback is very important to us and your information is strictly confidential. Please click the link below.

Click here to take survey</a>


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